Who We Are

A division of the Hunter Transport Industries Group of Companies, Advance Transport is a thoroughly dynamic, privately owned, national transport organization. We have our sights set firmly on higher standards as well as exceeding the expectations of our clients and are Quality Assured to the International Standard AS:NZS ISO 9002:1994.

This philosophy sets Advance Transport well apart from its competitors. We are determined to prove to the marketplace that we would rather build relationships than sell transport services.

We are no ordinary transport company, we are outstanding amongst peers. A bold statement indeed, but look to the detail and our confidence becomes well justified.


It is true what they say, that you usually receive what you focus upon. We at Advance Transport have our focus upon the future and this firmly supports every stage of our business plan. We intend to outpace the competition in increasing measure by doing one thing better than all the others….getting to the future first.

We also have a vision for ongoing momentum which is propelled by consistent pro-activity. We invite you to visit any of our offices after a six month absence and you will be amazed by the positive and dynamic changes we have made for the better as well as the overall evolution of the business. This momentum is propelled in the most part by our desire for pro-activity.

It is also in our interests to develop strategies for our clients on an ongoing basis from which they in turn may receive dividends. That is what we call "business integrity". It also provides us with the all the juice we need to strive forward.