Are your goods fully covered by a comprehensive Marine Transit Insurance Policy?

One of the subjects not often discussed between clients and freight companies is the issue of insurance and risk management. Just as you would never drive your car without having an insurance policy in place, the same must apply when dispatching your valuable goods with us. Allow us to explain further……

It is absolutely critical that as a non common carrier, you understand without qualification that we shall accept no responsibility whatsoever for any risk of damage or loss whilst your goods remain in transit. You acknowledged this fact on your Credit Application, and it is also clearly stated on consignment notes as well as the reverse side of every invoice.

We do not offer automatic insurance coverage of your goods because we do not own them, therefore we do not have an insurable interest in them. Therefore, it remains your responsibility to ensure that you have a current Marine Transit Policy in place. Be sure to factor in your excess as well, so that your insurance covers you where you need it most. It is one thing to have a current Marine Transit Policy in place, but does it cover you to the extent that you need it?

Please note that if your goods are lost, stolen or damaged in transit, or furthermore, if we are unable to supply you a proof of delivery, we will decline any responsibility, although we will be happy to issue a disclaimer if need be, thereby enabling you the capacity to render a claim to your insurance company in due course.

Please also note that as a rule we do not accept dangerous or hazardous goods for transportation through our freight network, such as explosives, chemicals and flammable materials. We also do not accept legal tender or precious gems or gold. There are specialized carriers that look after this type of work, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for a referral.

The good news is that the issue of stolen, lost, damaged, as well as misdirected freight is one of the key areas that will distinguish us in a positive light from other carriers. This is based upon a number of references and KPI’s which suggest that our rate of non conformance remains statistically low.

We will not tell you that we are perfect and we will not tell you that we wont make mistakes, such as missortations etc. What we can promise you however is that we will on average make less mistakes during the course of the year that what you were previously used to with other carriers, and this statement is based primarily upon the references we have to back it up.

In addition, because we a slightly smaller, privately owned organization, we are far more flexible and our ability to make quick decisions is really a powerful benefit that we can use to your advantage. This means that our capacity to resolve issues and come up with alternative solutions to whatever mistakes we do make from time to time is far greater than what you are probably used to with other carriers.

By the way, did you know that our on time delivery performance is about 99.89%? The industry average is still very good at 96%, but the extra 2 or 3% really makes such a difference when all is said and done.

In summary, when it comes to service non conformances, we will provide you with much greater transparency and accountability. Our performance will overall be superior and we will be better equipped to handle problems due to our passion for self improvement and for becoming truly outstanding in everything we do.